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Uniformation ABS-Like Resin X22 white

Uniformation ABS-Like Resin X22 white

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  • 【Impact Resistance】With a perfect combination of 86D hardness and 63.8Mpa toughness, Uniformation ABS-like resin allows drilling holes on tiny or complicated prints.
  • 【Scratch Resistance】It is wearproof and non-yellowing. No visible marks even if is scraped by sharp objects accidentally.
  • 【Clear Texture】ABS-like resin minimizes deformation and shrinkage, prints come out with smooth and fine texture, no heavy residue is left on the 3D models. 
  • 【Excellent Fluidity】The resin can quickly infiltrate models, efficiently reduce the forming time, which helps to shorter new product development test, presenting a fantastic work finally. 
  • 【Wide Applicability】Compatible with most printers in the market, If any questions, please never feel free to contact our technical supports
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