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Founded in 2016, our company has specialized in the 3D printing area, committed to providing high-end business users with 3d printers for product development and small batch production, we are honored to gain high approval from our clients.


Over the past five years, we’ve been so happy to see that more and more people are interested in getting started in photocurable 3D printers,  curious students, passionate geeks, professional engineers, etc. They told us seeking innovative experiences will add some fun to life.  At the same time, we learn that what makes people feel troublesome and tiring is that they have to face more processes before the painted prints come out, or nowhere to figure out why their prints fail again and again.


To meet the needs of enterprises and individual users, we aim to build an easier use and higher quality LCD printer, making 3D printing no more complicated, but a smoother operation for beginners, and more creative possibilities for experts.

UniFormation was born.

At present, UniFormation has an independent design and development team, which is the key factor in rapid development. Meanwhile, we are equipped with a completed manufacturing system to ensure all the products are in high-quality control. For the after-sale service, we have experienced engineers in our technical support team, who could provide online guidance and video demonstration for you.

In the future, we will keep focusing on user’s demand and upgrade the production constantly, live up to the expectation of our users and be a trustworthy brand.