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Step1:How to save presets for other resin?

Open slicer

Select layer height

Select “Material Settings”

Change the exposure time or initial exposure time that you wan to modify

Save Current Material Settings

Save settings as a custom name

Choose ”OK”to save

The slicer will save your presets

Close slicer

Open the slicer again

The presets will come out


Step2: How to delete the presets?

Please select“X”to delete the selected presets.


(二)Transfer Files to Gkone Internal Storage

How to transfer files to Gkone internal storage?

1.Insert the USB

2.Click "sda1" will open the USB drive

3.Copy the file that you would like to print

4.When the file is shown in the folder "NET", it means finish copying the file to the internal storage of the Gkone.

5.Start to print !


(三)Filter Resin

Please filter resin if prints failed, dust or particulate matter fall into the vat.


First: Make sure there is no residue remains in the resin vat.

1) Select"Clean Up" in the UI interface, the UV light will start to cure the whole vat. Wait for 15s;

2) Pull up the cured layer from the corner, squeeze out the resin.


Second: Filter resin and seal in the bottle.

1) Put a filter funnel and paper on the top of the bottle ;

2) Use a rubber scraper as an aid;

3) Use tissues to wipe up the vat.

Video guidance:


(四)Stir up the resin

If you haven't used resin in the resin vat for a time, stir up the resin before the next printing


(五)How to replace FEP & NFEP 


Step1:Remove old nFEP film

1)Remove all the screws on the bottom if the resin vat with electric drill or hex wrench.

2)Pry up the mental frame.

3)Use alcohol to clean resin vat.

4)Remove old film


Step2: Installation

1)Prepare new nFEP Films

2)Take off transparent protective plastic sheet from a side of nFEP film

3)Pull both sides tightly, press down hard on the edge

4)Take off protective plastic sheet from another side of film

5)Aim at screw hole, puncture film with blade

Pay attention the direction , right angle corners and rounded corners.

6)Tighten the screws with electric drill or hex wrench. Check the tightness

7)Press the corner gently, the film should be slightly tensile

8)Now, the nFEP film replacement is completed.


(六)How to replace LCD Screen 

1.Remove build plate and resin vat

2.Unsrcew and remove the LCD

3.Remove the ribbon cable

4.Install: Insert the ribbon cable again