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Uniformation PLA Plant-Based Resin(X15 Transparent)

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About the Product

【ECO-FRIENDLY RESIN】UniFormation resin obtained from renewable sources, which contain biodegradable PLA (Polylactic acid), is more environmentally friendly compared with the petroleum-derived resins on the market. Bio-based resin is being developed as a choice for an efficient and low waste production method.
【NOT HURTING FEP】This 3d printer resin is easy to detach each layer with less adhesion to your resin vat, tested by UniFormation lab, 405nm PLA-based resin can withstand 100,000 layers of printings while not hurting your printer FEP films and prolonging its service life as well.
【LOW SHRINKAGE】Plant-based rapid prototype resin is being developed as a choice for an efficient and low waste production method, the content of methacrylate monomers helps to reduce shrinkage during the photocuring process and will not deform or crack after a long time with the hardness of 80-84D.
【HIGH COMPATIBILITY】Apply to most DLP/LCD/SLA 3D printers, UniFormation printing liquid showing its unrestricted potential in advanced material engineering, rapid prototyping, and flexible production, especially shows best results on Uniformation Gkone printer.
【CUSTOMER SERVICE】Please keep in touch with us if you have questions, our team will reply to you within 24 hours.

Model by: Lord of the Print
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