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3D Printing | Firmware Upgrade: Elevate Printing Success and Quality in 3 Minutes

3D Printing | Firmware Upgrade: Elevate Printing Success and Quality in 3 Minutes


Uniformation 3d printer has recently initiated a series of upgrades and improvements to enhance the performance and user experience of desktop 3D printers. This includes resin upgrades, firmware optimization and upgrades to increase printing success rate and shorten exposure time. Additionally, there's optimization of USB read speed, keyboard input buttons, printing progress display, and enhancement of Chitubox PRO compatibility. Furthermore, simplification of slice file deletion operation and optimization of intelligent fan control have been implemented. These improvements aim to enhance printing quality, speed, and efficiency, providing users with a better experience.

Upgrade Contents:

  1. Resin Version A Upgrade
  2. Faster USB Read Speed
  3. Rectification of Keyboard Input Buttons
  4. Addition of Real-time Printing Progress Display
  5. Enhancement of Chitubox PRO Compatibility
  6. Simplification of Slice File Deletion Process
  7. Optimization of Intelligent Fan Control Operation


What issues do the upgrade contents address?

Recently, the resin upgrade has optimized the printing material to address certain failures such as resin detachment and warping edges. On March 27th, Uniformation upgraded the old x14 resin version to the new x14 Red Wax Resin, discontinuing the sale of the old resin version. The optimized resin results in better printing success.

During the recent period of collecting community feedback, we made numerous firmware optimizations and upgrades.

Firstly, we enhanced the speed from USB insertion to content display. We found out that many users typically utilize single-parameter slicing when printing with Chitubox Pro, but we still made some improvements for multi-parameter slicing settings.

The third enhancement is the addition of a printing progress display module. Now, Uniformation users can get an idea of the printing progress through the newly added display module.

Fourthly, we addressed the issue of missing keyboard input. Previously, there were two $ buttons on the keyboard, but no & button. If customers set the & symbol as their password, they couldn't input it. Now, we have replaced one $ with one &.

The other two main upgrade points are software operation and fan operation.

Previously, when deleting files from the built-in storage, file integrity verification was required. If the file was large, it took a long time to verify before deletion. However, we found that this step could be entirely omitted, so now it's directly deleted.

Previously, the GKtwo filter fan ran continuously. We received some customer feedback about significant fan noise, so we decided to change it to stop running 10 minutes after printing completion to reduce noise interference.

Why do we make changes and upgrades?

While Uniformation ensures high-quality products, we also place great emphasis on improving printing quality and speed, striving for more realistic and durable models. Because we firmly believe that upgrades are key to enhancing user experience.

We hope that by continuously optimizing production processes and improving efficiency, we can bring more value to our customers.


Uniformation, as a pioneer in 3D printer built-in heating systems, focuses on providing users with a high-end experience. The GKtwo intelligent preheating feature utilizes PTC ceramic heating technology, capable of heating the printer to 95°F (ambient temperature 50°F) within 8 minutes. Additionally, there are three temperature settings (77°F, 86°F, 95°F) (25°C, 30°C, 35°C) to choose from, and real-time temperature is displayed on the LCD screen.

The vertical flip design of the GKtwo reduces the footprint. With resolutions up to 8k and a 10.3-inch quick-detachable build plate, besides the convenient design for quick assembly in under 2 seconds, GKtwo also incorporates a unique anti-leakage module to prevent excess liquid from dripping after printing. Moreover, the 100mm large-size activated carbon purifier with a 4000 rpm fan reduces pollution to the printing environment, making printing cleaner and tidier.

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