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Here are the steps about how to use GKone Slicer:

1、Open GKone Slicer  then select your stl. File.


2、Select the printing layer, 0.02mm/0.05mm/0.1mm.
3、Choose the resin type you use, strongly recommend using Uniformation resin to print, which our engineers have tested many times to match the GKone printer, more stable, better performance and will improve printing success. Please note: if using other brand resins, it is supposed to reset the layer height, exposure time, and initial exposure time.
4、 Please rotate the model angle, do not flat on the build plate. Please tilt 30 to 45 degrees will help to make it easier and more stable to print each layer, meanwhile, it will reduce the shrinkage deformation caused by the excessive area, in favor of getting a better printing effect finally.
5、Select support points, Auto-generate points.
6、Manual editing.
7、Choose Lock supports under new islands, then add more supports around blue points to ensure that these lowest points can stably support the model, which is very important.
8、Apply changes.
9、Slice now -- preview the slicing model( make sure no damage layer) -- Export -- Save to USB.
10、Insert USB to the GK one Printer --Print.

Note: Please contact our technical support if you have any questions or need help, we provide one-on-one guidance patiently for each customer to realize your creativity and imagination, ensuring your each print will be successful.

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