About Uniformation

UniFormation is a subbrand of  Zhongshan Huayu Technology Co.LTD. We specialize in researching UV curing 3D printing technology and are dedicated to simplifying and advancing the UV curing 3D printing ecosystem, making it easier for more people to explore creative possibilities. We will prioritize continuous innovation, strive for breakthroughs, and enhance the user experience in the future

Brand Story

UniFormation, based in Shenzhen, was established in 2021. In November 2022, we released the first LCD 3D printer "GKtwo," featuring advanced intelligent heating technology. In 2023, it received rave reviews from both the media and users, being hailed as the upgraded pick among the best resin 3D printers. This is only the beginning, and we are committed to further growth and development. We eagerly await your participation as we collectively witness a bright future.



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