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 1.1 Manual Introduction

1.This user manual mainly includes product overview, operation instructions, maintenance and troubleshooting.

  1. Please read carefully and use the device according to the instructions.

 1.2 Notes

1.Unpack the device, check that all accessories are included, and make sure the device is not damaged or broken.

2.Do not clean the equipment or part with corrosive liquid, such as alcohol、tianna water, etc.  

 1.3 Safety attentions

1.Do not move the device when it’s working,and use it carefully to avoid short-circuit or other safety accidents.

2.Do not open the cover when it’s working,avoid eye discomfort caused by strong light.


1.4 List of Accessories

serial number 

      accessory name




curing machine




  12V5A power adapter 




power cord




2.Product overview 

 2.1 Product overview 

   UV curing machine is a post-processing auxiliary equipment based on photocuring 3D printing, which will make the model’s surface dry and hard. 

 2.2 Product function introduction

2.3 Product specifications

  2.3.1 Product Basic parameters

Machine technology

LEDUV secondary curing

Curing Volume

LD200:D260*H140mm  LD300:D380*H230mm

Applicable industries

Precision parts, anime models, jewelry, dentistry

Timing range

· Digital display Settings (default 3 minutes)



Curing method

UV Light curing






2.3.2 Environmental requirement

Operating environment: Should be placed in a well-ventilated and dust-free area;  

Operating temperature: 0℃-35℃;              Humidity: 20%-80%(no condensation).  

Storage environment temperature: 0℃-40℃;    Humidity: 10%-80%(no condensation);


3.Operating Instructions

 3.1 Unpacking and preparation before use

1.Check the machine’s appearance carefully, make sure there is no damage.

2.Place the device steady

 3.2 Get Started

       1.Install and fix the turntable,referring to the Process of LD200/LD300 Turntable Installation printed on the back of this manual  

       2.Connect the device with the power cord and power adapter we supplied, find the button on the rear panel of the device and turn on.  

3.Clean and dry the model, and then put it on the turntable   

4.Close the flip cover (it will stop workingif it is open)

5.Press the power button (as shown below) to start the curing. The default curing time is 180 seconds. 

6 .When the countdown is finished, open the tlip cover and take out the model.


4.Basic troubleshooting

1.Turntable does not rotate: check whether the screw of the turntable is loose, tighten it if it’s loose 

2.LED lights keep flashing:

a、Check whether the power adapter is working

b、Check the cord, make sure that it has good connection with power supply

3.If there are any other problems, please contact Uniformation technical support.


LD200 Turntable installation process


    Acrylic turntable                 Bearing chassis                  Needle bearing


     Screw washer                          M3 Screw  



1.Place bearing chassis inside machine.   


2.Place the needle roller bearing on the bearing chassis.

3.Put the acrylic turntable on the bearing and insert it into the motor shaft .

(Note: The frosted surface of acrylic turntable should be installed facing up (the smooth surface is facing down).  

4.Fix the acrylic rotary table with M3 screws and washer, and tighten them.   

5. The installation is completed.     


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Support