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Uniformation Water Washable Resin (X60 White)

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About the Product

  • 【Easy Cleaning】Uniformation Water Washable Resin is easy to clean with tap water and not sticky, designed to save money both on IPA and washing machine to realize a higher economic benefit.
  • 【Fluidity & Stability】With lower viscosity and excellent liquidity, the printing resin has the virtue of shortening curing time without any impact on its quality. The UV wavelength range: 400-405nm.
  • High Precision & Low Shrinkage】Uniformation washable resin compatible with most LCD printers, which will reproduce over 98% of the prototype details and lower shrinkage.
  • Tough & Non-Brittle】Hardness:80-88D. It has strong adhesion when printing and easy separation after forming, preventing models from deformation or cracking even if stored for a long time.
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