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UniFormation 3D Printer

UniFormation 405nm UV Resin Curing Station 10.2''

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    UniFormation 405nm UV Resin Curing Station 10.2&
    UniFormation 405nm UV Resin Curing Station 10.2&
    UniFormation 405nm UV Resin Curing Station 10.2&

    Large Size


    No Blind Spots


    360° Rotation


    See-Through Window

    • Product Size: L300*W300*H250mm
    • Package Size: 400*400*350mm
    • Package Weight: 9kg
    • Digital Timer: the default option is 10 minutes 
    • Wave length: 400-405nm
    • UV Lights: 4 strips, 16 lights
    •  Voltage: Input 110/220 Output24V
    • Frequency: 50/60HZ
    • Power: 60W


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    Large Curing Size

    UniFormation Curing Station is designed to offer users a more spacious curing option with a volume of 260mm(D)*160mm(H)/10.2in(D)*6.3in(H). This large-volume machine can help you to cure large-sized models or models in batches in a faster time, which is no doubt an excellent choice for professional resin 3D printing scenarios.


    No Blind Spots 

    There are 16 UV lights, and 4 LED strips are distributed on all sides, which work together with an automatic rotating turntable. This 405nm UV light box ensures that your resin print is evenly cured, and imparts a nice shine and durability to the surface. Furthermore, It can effectively avoid over-curing and under-curing


    Easy Flip-up Lid

    A vertical flip-up lid allows for neatly positioned side-by-side working while not taking up much-needed space in your printing area, D265 large curing machine significantly eases your resin 3D printing workflow. Meanwhile, the durable quality can block up to 99% UV light.


    Widely Compatibility

    Highly compatible with UniFormation GKtwo and most 3D printers, it cures prototypes, parts, jewelry, dental models, and more, which gives you the flexibility to work with more resin types.

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