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UniFormation Flexible 3D Printer Resin

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Color: X23 White
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About the Product

【High Impact Resistance】UniFormation's flexible resin printed models are incredibly flexible and can withstand inadvertent and accidental drops. In addition, to restore the details of the model, the unique formula ensures that the printed part exhibits a "soft with rigidity" performance during the printing process.
【High Elongation】Extremely high toughness, 255% elongation at break, can be fully guaranteed to make the printed parts not easy to break during repeated stretching and bending and folding.
【Like Rubber】Better tear strength than other flexible resins, prints can be folded thousands of times. Shore hardness: 60~75A. The print is very soft at temperatures above 20°C, but the lower the temperature, the harder it becomes.
【As a Toughening Agent】This resin is very suitable to be mixed with other resins in the form of additives, which can increase the strength and elasticity of other resins. It makes the model more rigid and more durable and does not brittle for a long time, and obtains very strong printing results
【Wide Application】This resin is suitable for most LCD and DLP printers and can provide higher drop resistance and flexibility. It is mainly used for miniatures, tabletop games, miniature game models, etc. It is also suitable for industrial applications such as tires, shoe patterns, seals, gaskets, and other flexible prototypes.
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